Prices and Rates


Recording in a professional studio will definitely make you sound great

1 Hour – 450 sek
4 Hours – 1620 sek
8 Hours – 3240 sek


Audio Post-Production with High-End processing for your tracks

Basic Mixing (Vocals on a Beat) – 600 sek

Up-to 4 Channels – 1500 sek
Up-to 8 Channels – 2700 sek
Up-to 12 Channels – 4000 sek
Up-to 16 Channels – 5400 sek
+16 Channels – 7000 sek


Bring up your track to commercial quality level, optimize playback across all systems and media formats

Basic – 500 sek
Basic mastering to boost up your track (EQ-ing, Loundess)

Deluxe – 900 sek
Mastering, in detailed Dynamics
Give us reference tracks to have your recording sound like the music you love.

Super Deluxe – 1500 sek
Detailed Hybrid Mastering
Reference Tracks


Enjoy jamming with your band in a sound proof, acoustically treated studio,
Comfortable space for the whole band and more.

1 hour – 250 sek
4 hours – 900 sek
8 hours – 1800 sek

The prices include:
All band instruemnts (Acoustic Drum Kit , Digital Piano with Many sounds, MIDI Keyboard routed to a large Virtual Instruments library, Bass Guitar, Markbass Amp, Electric Guitar, Marshall & Fender Amps, Acoustic Guitar, Microphones and PA System)

Bring your own instruments/ pedal/ Amps if you wish.


Get your music on online streaming platforms, and more!

Contact us for discussing marketing plans to get your music on Spotify, iTunes, and the other streaming platforms, building audience, and get your music heard.