Prices and Rates

All prices are including VAT


1 Hour – 450 sek
4 Hours – 1600 sek (10% discount)
8 Hours – 3200 sek (10% discount)

MIXING (Stereo and Dolby Atmos)

Rough Mix – 1500 sek

Professional Final Mix – Individual pricing per song/project


Although Mastering is possible at Kouli Studios, we recommend mastering with our business partners, we work with 3 Mastering facilities.

Mastering at Kouli Studios – 600sek /track

Mastering at our business partners in Stockholm is priced individually, starting usually at 900sek/track for songs/soundtracks recorded and mixed in Kouli Studios.


Comfortable space for the whole band and more.

1 hour – 250 sek
4 hours – 900 sek (10% discount)
8 hours – 1800 sek (10% discount)

The prices includes access to the live room and all instruments/ PA.
(Acoustic Drum Kits , Acoustic Piano, Bass Guitars, Amps/Cabs, Electric Guitars, Marshall & Fender Amps, Acoustic Guitars, Microphones and PA System)

Bring your own instruments/ pedal/ Amps if you wish.

All prices include VAT, discounts don’t apply in full band recording sessions.

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