Prices and Rates

All prices are including VAT


1 Hour – 450 sek
4 Hours – 1600 sek (10% discount)
8 Hours – 3200 sek (10% discount)

MIXING (Stereo and Dolby Atmos)

Rough Mix – 1500 sek

Professional Final Mix – Individual pricing per song/project


Although Mastering is possible at Kouli Studios, we recommend mastering with our business partners, we work with 3 Mastering facilities.

Mastering at Kouli Studios – 600sek /track

Mastering at our business partners in Stockholm is priced individually, starting usually at 900sek/track for songs/soundtracks recorded and mixed in Kouli Studios.


Comfortable space for the whole band and more.

1 hour – 250 sek
4 hours – 900 sek (10% discount)
8 hours – 1800 sek (10% discount)

The prices includes access to the live room and all instruments/ PA.
(Acoustic Drum Kits , Acoustic Piano, Bass Guitars, Amps/Cabs, Electric Guitars, Marshall & Fender Amps, Acoustic Guitars, Microphones and PA System)

Bring your own instruments/ pedal/ Amps if you wish.


Get your music on online streaming platforms, and more!

Contact us for discussing marketing plans to get your music on Spotify, iTunes, and the other streaming platforms, building audience, and get your music heard.

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