Everbloom Valley – EP 2022

Everbloom Valley is a Rock and roll band from Norway, their beautifully written new EP has been recorded at the studio in Stockholm, with so much effort and sacrifice from the band members, in no more than 4 recording days, yet the results were very surprising, 4 sophisticated musicians, beautiful souls, will rock the music industry and revive Rock and roll as we knew it.

The EP is planned to come out December 2022.

Gert & Aksel from Oslo

On September 17th and 18th, the studio hosted Gert and Aksel from Oslo, to record their amazing EP with 3 beautifully written songs.

Gert and Aksel drove 6 hours from Oslo to Stockholm, and when asked why, Gert said that we’re doing this to get some external perspective and get out of our zone, they believe that this will have a positive input on their music writing process, what an amazing due you are!

Thank you for the huge inspiration you brought to the studio, and for the lovely music.

Links with the released music will be provided in the soon future.